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Gender : Female
Height : 168cm
Weight : 53kg

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cunnilingus, lingerie, Three FFM, group sex, Hard Sex, watch, massages, kiss

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I’m good on top, looking for someone to go down under ;-)

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Hello, I’m Antonia from Münster and I’m 28 years old. I want to experience something, I’m always up for an adventure and enjoy being single to the full. Besides my studies, I love partying, and I even take the first step when I fancy somebody! I love sex and try everything that comes to mind. I’m horny all the time, so what? I wouldn’t even mind if sex gets a bit rough. The most pleasuring sex for me is outdoor sex. It gives me a special kick, coz you don’t know when and if you’ll get caught. I’m also up for role plays at any time. I do have piercings in some parts of my body and honestly I’m kind of addicted to it. It’s like sex, once you get started you can’t stop ;-D A french kissing with a hot girl who can screw one's head around the same way like a threesome. Who can say no to that? Maybe I’ve made you curious and I would like get to know you soon. Your always horny Antonia!

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Languages i speak:
english, german
My tattoo:
I have several small tattoos. I have handwriting inked on my right wrist. I have three different big stars on the inner side of my forearm as well as a playboy bunny on my belly. I wanna be a bunny too.
My piercing:
I have an intimate piercing. It is located where my outer lips meet, below the pubic mound It’s also called surface piercing I have already had lots of fun with it. ;-))

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