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Gender : Female
Height : 172cm
Weight : 52kg

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anal sex, facial insemination, sperm games, strip, fisting, filming, exhibitionism, fetish

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As opposed to food, girls are heavenly enjoyable if they are rotten to the core… and so am I!

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I’m Carmen from Erfurt and 38 years old and well formed. I love to get naked coz I enjoy the glimpses I get and I like to play with my big tits. My boobs are an eye catcher and I love it when guys stare at them and I can see in their eyes, their dirty fantasies and what they would do with them. People who know me say that I’m a playful person. I guess I am. It makes me horny to whip cream over my pussy and you lick it off. My well shaped ass I penetrated daily with my thick dildo. I would fancy it if you watched me and after that I would give you a nice blow job. Just thinking about it drives me crazy. I’m super horny now and my cunt is wet. Come around, join in and have the time of your life. You won’t regret it Your Carmen is waiting for you.

My Body

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Languages i speak:
german, english
My tattoo:
I have on both forearms tattooed. It looks like as I have bangles. Another piercing I have on the backside of my right thigh. I also have a playboy bunny over my pubic bone and a snake covers basically my whole body. She shows the way to paradise ;-)
My piercing:
I have a belly button piercing and an intimate piercing. Since I got the intimate piercing, sex for me has become even more enjoyable and I brought every dick to a hard orgasm

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