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Gender : Female
Height : 152cm
Weight : 64kg

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vaginal, kiss, masturbation, Erotic Chats, outdoor

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I have lots of curves but I surely wouldn’t want to slow you down

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Hi, I was born in the Karibik but I live in Freiburg now. I’m looking for a German man. I really want to improve my German and I’m learning fast. Cute men make me horny, but I don’t have one so I don’t have much sex. I like to play with my huge tits. My pussy is also very sweet and I get wet easily. I Iike to masturbate with a banana when I’m randy. I love creampies. Do you want to be my boyfriend?

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Languages i speak:
english, german
My tattoo:
I’m not a big fan of tattoos.
My piercing:
Piercings? Up to now, no, but who knows, maybe later.

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