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Gender : Female
Height : 169cm
Weight : 51kg

Sexsual preferences

cunnilingus, Three FFM, Dirty Talk, filming, FKK, manual job, Normal Sex, piercings

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Come as you are and that even more times a day :-*

About me

Welcome baby / my dear! It would be great having you around when I wake up. My bed is big enough for the two of us, and there we could get to know each other better. They call me Kristy-black and I’m 23 years old and I’m from Hannover. My Problem is that I’m all alone. I really want to change that. Nobody is there who wishes to have a good night, who asks If I’ve slept well and gives a good morning kiss and finally wishes my cunt a good day. I have to do it all by my own, soaping and showering, but we could do these things together and turn it into dirty games. Nobody is there who wants to have fun with my nipple piercings but that would be best when I fuck. If you think the same and if you can give me the pleasure I need, I would allow you to control / tame me. Better today than yesterday or tomorrow. Kiss Kristy-Black

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My hair color:
Languages i speak:
german, english
My tattoo:
Hand writing on my belly over the pubic bone and hand writing on my back and above my ass.
My piercing:
Nipple, belly button, intimate and tongue piercing. I need piercings coz I like them. My nipple piercings excite me especially when someone plays with them. My intimate piercing stimulates my Notorious V.A.G when I’m having sex and I manipulate dicks with my tongue piercing and let them get hard in my mouth

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