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Gender : Female
Height : 168cm
Weight : 54kg

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anal sex, Erotic Chats, foot eroticism, high heels, massages, sexual, sperm games

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I promise, who licks beautifully, will also be blown as a reward ;-)

About me

Do you mind if your Marika has a crush on you? Don't worry, I'm old enough. I am 28 years old, from Cologne and addicted to sex and hard cocks. I do sports naked because I see my labia rubbing against each other. When I get wet, I feel like getting fucked. From the front, from behind, me on you on a hot ride. I especially enjoy it when wearing high heels. I also find foot fetish very tingling. My feet rub your cock until he squirts me with your white cream and I rub my body with it and massage it into my pussy. Would you like to feel how tight my kitten is? Come on, get your hard cock and put it in ; -) Give it to me!

My Body

My eye color:
My hair color:
dark brown
Languages i speak:
english, german
My tattoo:
I have a lettering on my right forearm. Under my left breast I have the date of my parents' birthday in Roman numerals in memory of them.
My piercing:
I have a piercing in my bellybutton, because I like it very much, especially when I wear bellyless tops in summer.

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