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She's getting ready for the next mess.First she gently applies the cream on her body, so that her skin stays nice and soft and then she wants to have action again. The thought of being fucked by a man makes her horny. Then she is introduced to Georg. They want him to do a good job. He does not hesitate and gets down to action and licks her wet pussy.Then it's her turn to take the initiative and she does what she is really good at sucking cocks.The photographer on the set is also enthusiastic and shoots a lot of pictures of her and her body and the producers give her instructions. She begs the producer to be allowed to ride the cock. At some point he gives way and she rides the cock until her pussy glows. She gets fucked properly in several positions, that brings her a lot of joy.You can see that Patty really enjoys her job and that she wants to make more movies. Especially when things get a little bit rougher in there.
  • 09:50 02/11/2019
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  • 08:11 19/10/2019
    Bist ein heisses Teen-Girl, genau wie ich es liebe! Würd Dich gerne treffen! :-)
  • 12:09 21/02/2019
    du bist wunderschön und schlank, wie ich es mag.

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